R&K Beef

Consumers looking for top quality, premium beef, look no further than R & K Beef of Illinois.  R & K Beef is one of the top quality beef suppliers in the Illinois area, providing premium beef products to restaurants, businesses and the public.

R & K Beef offers a variety of cuts, so finding the perfect products for your needs is made easy with our fresh, extensive assortment.   Our quality beef selection is all natural and free of hormones, steroids, artificial additives and preservatives.  This ensures that you are serving only the best quality beef to your customers, employees or family.

Products from R & K Beef come from young cattle fed only on grains, forages, and hay.  Unlike traditional grocery store meat, our premium beef is dry aged for maximum flavor and tenderness.

R & K Beef premium meats are all 100% Illinois grown.  Our top quality beef selection is processed and packaged locally.  This guarantees the meats received from R & K Beef are fresh and help support sustainable agriculture and local economies.

R & K Beef offers a wide variety of quality beef cuts from steaks, roasts and lean ground beef.  Consumers are able to customize special orders by specifying preferred size and thickness.  R & K Beef also offers conveniently assorted bundles that showcase a variety of cuts to fit any need or occasion.

R & K Beef supplies premium beef products to the Central Illinois area, with free delivery available.  For more information, contact Ryan Howland at 217-473-2231 (West Central Illinois) or Kyle Loyd at 217-377-2652 (East Central Illinois).  Email is also available at rkbeef@rkbeef.com or follow us on Facebook at R & K Beef.