About Us

A family owned and operated company, R & K Beef is committed to providing our customers with only the best quality beef on the market.  Owners, Ryan Howland, Kyle Loyd and Jeff Evans have found that consumers are disappointed in the quality of meat traditional grocery stores have to offer in today’s market.  R & K Beef was built on the premise of providing consumers across the country with a fresh-off-the-farm product.

A unique aspect of R & K Beef is that all of the cattle on our farm are raised in Illinois.  Because our calves are local, we are able to oversee their growth and nutrition before they arrive to our farm.  As a part of our mission to provide the best service and quality beef to our customers, R & K Beef monitors all products in our cattle’s diet throughout their lifespan.  This ensures that our consumers are purchasing only the purest meat possible.  Meat from R & K Beef is harvested from cattle fed only on grains, grasses and hay.   R & K Beef’s premium beef products are free of hormones, artificial additives, steroids, and preservatives – a key component of our company’s commitment to providing only the best all natural, restaurant quality beef to our customers.  And, as a part of our dedication to supporting local economies and ensuring product freshness, all of R & K Beef’s quality beef cuts are locally processed and packaged.

R & K Beef provides premium beef products to restaurants, businesses and individual families.  We offer individual cuts of meat priced by the pound as well as bundles of all different sizes and themes.  These bundles are conveniently packaged for families that would like a variety of cuts (Family Bundle: chuck roast, arm roast, boneless rump roast, sirloin tip roast, stew meat and lean hamburger) or for the “grillmaster” in your life (Grillmaster Bundle: T-bones, rib eyes, sirloin, arm roast, beef patties and lean hamburger).

R & K Beef is Central Illinois’s number one top quality beef supplier, providing many premium quality beef cuts.  If you are looking for a supplier of quality beef that is dedicated first and foremost to your satisfaction as a customer, then look no further than R & K Beef of Central Illinois.